AxieTree, We Barely Knew Ye + Hello SZNS

The NFTree Labs team began our NFT journey with AxieTree because we wanted to slowly delve into the nascent NFT space and explore the use of NFTs as tools of financial empowerment.

Axies are particularly interesting as NFTs as each Axie represents ownership in a game economy that allows players to earn SLP tokens, introducing the concept of “yield generating NFTs”.

Since our launch in January, 2021,, the community has been nothing but incredible. We were blown away by loyal and talented users such as bluechew and hdotfi, who together earned more than 20,000 SLPs via Axies borrowed on AxieTree!

However, the incredibly high gas fees on Ethereum has made use of our platform almost impossible, as the very people we built the service for (those who could not afford to purchase 3 Axies from the beginning) were now being priced out due to high gas costs.

Therefore, until further notice we are sunsetting AxieTree as a service.

ALL LENDERS: Please withdraw all your Axies from the platform in the next two weeks. If your Axies are currently being borrowed, they will be returned to you.

If you are a borrower and you have earned any SLP before 12pm EST, April 7th, your SLP will be distributed. Any SLP earned after this date and time will not be distributed.

But the team isn’t done!

We’ve been working hard on an exciting project for the general NFT ecosystem — a user-curated NFT fund platform for collectors, curators, and creators: Seasons (szns).

Thank you for supporting us in this journey and we hope you’ll continue to support us with SZNS! And keep on the lookout, as we have a surprise for everyone who has supported us through AxieTree so far 😉